Commerical Landscape Design

Commerical Landscape Design

Landscaping is an integral part of our culture and plays an essential role in the quality of our environment, affecting our economic well being as well as our physical and psychological health. Public and commercial landscapes have a major influence on our actions and attitudes. Although it's difficult to clearly define what makes a landscape pleasing to everyone, its absence is obvious to everyone. Custom landscaping offers many opportunities to protect the environment while enhancing economic development and improving worker productivity.

Commercial property appraisers say as much as 20% can be added to the value of a property when professional landscaping is added, and it can reduce the amount of time a commercial property is on the market.

Employees with a view of or access to landscaped areas report less job pressure and greater job satisfaction.

Landscape amenities have the highest correlation to the occupancy and rental rates of lease properties.

Shoppers prefer to patronize retail establishments that have well-maintained quality landscaping in both the structures and parking areas. The presence of landscaping positively influences customers' attitudes about the character of the establishment, the prices they are willing to pay, and return visits.

Lawn Appeal understands the importance of these factors in today's business environment and has helped commercial property owners and managers throughout the Lufkin and East Texas area enjoy the benefits of professional landscaping. Lawn Appeal is a full-service landscape design and construction company, skilled at providing custom landscape design and installation solutions to our clients. Utilizing the latest technology in design, materials, and construction techniques, we are able to create outdoor settings that increase your visibility in the market area and enhance your work environment. Contact us today to arrange your design consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Our Landscape Design Services

  • Site Planning
  • Landscape Design and Construction
  • Landscape Restoration
  • Xeriscaping
  • Mixed Medium Hardscape Design and Construction
  • Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation
  • Water Feature and Pond Design and Construction
  • Elevation Containment Design and Construction
  • Turf Grass Installation
  • Tree Selection and Installation
  • Marketing Staging
  • Outdoor Event Design