Digging for Dollars

Digging for Dollars

Investing in professional landscaping improvements is a good place to put your money for many reasons. A quality landscape design can increase the value and marketability of your property and reduce your utility costs. It can enhance your lifestyle and provide a healthier environment around your home. It can also protect your property from erosion and protect our ground water.


Because soil sediment makes up most of the pollutant carried by runoff, and most of the phosphates and pesticides entering our waters are attached to sediment, reducing erosion is of great value to our environment.

Through proper plant selection and location, and by constructing terraces and retaining walls, landscaping can control erosion by holding soil in place and reducing runoff.

There are many good reasons for landscaping your property. Lawn Appeal can assist you with creating a landscaping strategy that will add value to your property, reduce your energy consumption, and enhance your lifestyle.


According to “Smart Money” magazine, property owners who invest 10% of the value of their property can expect to add 20% or more to their property’s value. Also, they can expect a quicker sale when their property is on the market.


Creative landscape design and construction can provide outdoor living spaces where you can contemplate, meditate, and — best of all — celebrate.


The proper arrangement of plants and deciduous trees around buildings can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by as much as 25%.


Trees, shrubs, turf grasses, and ground covers remove carbon dioxide, dust and other pollutants from the air around your home.

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